The Safehats Launchpad platform connects security conscious Enterprises, Financial Institutions and Governments with the whitehat hacker community to have their products tested against vulnerabilities. It also enables hackers across the globe to leverage their skills to gain recognition and monetary benefits from the platform.

Key Features

Programs List

Security researchers can view list of all public programs run by various enterprises with minimum bounty amount. Private programs can only be viewed if the security researcher is invited for that particular program

Dashboard for Enterprises

Dashboards provides a complete overview of their managed program with how many bugs reported so far, number of hackers part of their program, number of Swags and bounty amount awarded with all recent activity.

Hackers List

Enterprises part of managed program will have access to hackers list where they can view hackers profiles with their Karma points, rank, bug resolved history, and more. Enterprises can selectively invite hackers to become part of their managed program

Bug Reporting

Hackers submit their bug reports mentioning the type of bugs, bug information with steps to reproduce, bug severity with upload features.

Safehats helps you to manage your vulnerability rewards program and helps to connect with highly skilled security researchers around the world so that you focus on fixing the bugs and create robust applications.

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