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Safehats offers on-demand penetration testing performed by curated security researchers selected based on skills set and certifications. If you are an organization who is looking for focussed application security testing or on-demand penetration testing for product releases, this service is best suitable for you.

Types of Testing


Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) applies penetration testing while web applications are running to simulate an attack by askilled and motivated attacker. This enables you to identify security vulnerabilities and determine real-world risk to your organization.


Static Application Security Testing (SAST) offers multiple depths of Secure Code Review tests to find and eliminate common to critical software security vulnerabilities within your source code.


Penetration Testing replicates the steps a threat agent can take to exploit your vulnerabilities, demonstrates the impact, and provides clear guidance to fix them.


Mobile Application Security Testing discovers malicious or potentially risky actions in your mobile applications, keeping your business and customers secure against attack


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