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    Choose SafeHats for the same reasons leading enterprises do, it’s the best platform to run your own Vulnerability Rewards Program.

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Take advantage of the collective brainpower of best security researchers and hackers!

Get the top talent of the world to help you uncover the security vulnerabilities in your apps

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SafeHats Enterprise Program

SafeHats program enables your company to run your own VRPs to secure your applications.

You can invite the best security researchers to identify various security loopholes in your apps.

Using VRP you can reward the researchers for the bugs identified.

Why SafeHats?

Leading enterprises globally are participating in Vulnerability Rewards Program or Bug bounty program as it’s popularly known. Best hackers are ignited by the very challenge of identifying loopholes, and they are intellectually motivated to pursue this even outside of their full time jobs. This is where a formal Vulnerability Rewards Program which rewards hackers for their security intelligence is highly relevant.

It opens up a gateway for you to have the best of the hackers, evaluate the security of your applications. The rewards program also makes it a most sought after gig for a security researcher, thus making it a win win situation.

Why to choose SafeHats?
A Simple Comparison

VRP -With Safehats

Standard Testing - Without Safehats

Security researchers from diverse profile backgrounds, age, profession creating wide range of vulnerability profiles A limited group of security researchers from specific profile group, age, profession
Testing for more sophisticated vulnerability scenario Testing for commonly found issue
Incentivized for quality of bugs found Incentivized for quantity of bugs found

How SafeHats works?

Specify the Scope, Policy, Rewards

Mention the guidelines to the researchers here, details including scope of apps to be tested, responsible disclosure policy, reporting format and rewards.

Launch the program

Choose a private or public program and launch it to the respective categories of researchers.

SafeHats Filtered Reports

SafeHats team will review the bug reports submitted by researchers, prioritize and give you the filtered version.

Reward Researchers

Reward the researchers after the bugs they reported have been validated and fixed.

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